April 30, 2012

I just received notice from Meade that my 14″ LX800 telescope in ready to ship. I pre-ordered mine back on November 02, 2011.

I built a mobile observatory just for this telescope, very exciting.

I will be spending many late nights with this scope. I have also purchase a Mallincam Xtreme with the EXview chip. This will give me a very sensitive setup.

I will post back with photos and video once I have everything ready to go.


Post-Pixel Era

March 31, 2012

Apple has done it again with the new iPad. I now own the new iPad and the iPhone 4s, so will I ever see a pixel again. Well, until I replace my Mac Book with what I hope is a Retina display, I guess I still have to suffer the grainy pixel. Maybe the new Mac Books will move to the Retina display and I will never have to suffer the pixel again.

I do hope so…

Hello world!

April 11, 2010

So, here we go, my first post on my first blog. How to be relevant? Not sure yet, but I will try to figure it out over time.

I have a strong interest in stock investing, technology and all things Apple.

One thing, that I know I will cover, is fact based blogging. It frustrates me that many bloggers post rumors as if they are facts. I will always try to reference facts only, and if I hear about a rumor that I think is credible I will discuss it as a credible rumor and not as fact.

So, hopefully I can contribute to the conversation…